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The Seth Brothers

A Place To Thrive

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While everyone is paralized with fear, The Seth Brothers agents are closing millions in deals. 

Over 1 billion in transactions closed in the last year.

Work With Us

Step up your game, and into the role that will elevate your income and your morale, while you enjoy the freedom and control of being your own boss.


Real estate is one of the most highly accessible and vastly lucrative fields to be in today.  By using my simple to follow layout, along with the tools, and schematics we teach you, all you have to do is apply what you’ve learned.  


The explosive growth of The Seth Brother’s Team is a result of  Kunal and his brother in law, Sonit, focusing heavily on their  team members’ individual success. 


The Seth Brother’s Team currently has 36 members and is  growing rapidly. Kunal’s goal is to have 5,000 agents associated  with The Seth Brother’s Team by the end of 2025.

Why Work With The Seth Brothers?

We have a plan for success. While other agents are terrified of what the recession will bring, we can’t stop growing.

You have everything to gain, you just need to stop playing it safe and TAKE ACTION. 

We help our team grow in our 5 core areas

Mindset & Focus: Learn the habits and tactics of those that have great track records.  
Prospecting & Conversion: Pinpoint the skills to convert leads, not chase them
Networking: Identify owners, leaders, heads of departments, and find common ground that will create lasting relationships and boost leads
Partner up: Use b to b partnerships to establish longevity and secure recurring lead generation
Measurement & Accountability Tracking: Use automation to easily track and monitor;  deals (open-closed), amounts (owed-paid), leads and sources, property types and details, quarterly, semi-annually, and yearly. 
Our ideal candidate is detail-oriented and a self-starter who can provide value while making real connections. If you want to join a culture focused on your success and creating real opportunities for advancement...
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