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Coach Kunal Seth

The First Generation Mindset


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You’re The Only Person Holding Yourself Back

Kunal Seth coaches business owners, entrepreneurs, and employees on how to take full control of their financial independence and build a wealthy future by an action plan, and….through a First Generation Mindset. 


He empowers individuals to stop holding themselves back with the thought of safety nets and “Plan B” and approach their future with the ambition and action plan of someone who has no choice but to succeed.


“I can teach anyone how to build their own wealth and take back their freedom through one simple approach…”

The First Generation Mindset

It’s time you change your mindset from the parameters your job outlines and start employing the First Generation Mindset: The belief that they only have everything to gain, and the desire to stop playing it safe and take action. 


I give my clients an actionable strategy that removes all excuses and safety nets and pushes them to take the leap and scale their income and building their financial freedom.

Put Success On The Line And Take That Risk

When I came to this country, I succeeded because it was the only choice I had. I didn’t let expectations hold me down, and I didn’t have a safety net to rely on, so I focused only on the next step up.


A first-generation mindset allowed me to throw all of my focus and skills into carving out financial freedom for myself and my family, all without the advantage of having a convenient backup plan.


I teach entrepreneurs and 9-5 employees how to identify your ultimate goal, and build the mindset and actionable system to stop depending on the comforts of your current situation and start chasing after what you really want: more time, more freedom, more income, and complete control of your future.



Discover what’s holding you back and approach your future with a thorough action plan with the mindset of someone that has no choice but to succeed.



Kunal Seth is a real estate agent and co-founder of The Seth Brothers, a Houston, TX team that has accumulated over $500 million in closed transactions since its inception in 2014.

The explosive growth of The Seth Brother's Team is a result of Kunal and his brother-in-law, Sonit, focusing heavily on their team members' individual success. Kunal is actively recruiting, training, and developing the Realtor's on his team so each of them can transform into top producers.

Kunal has positively influenced 177 team members now all part of his eXp organization. Kunal's goal is to have 5,000 agents associated with The Seth Brother's Team by the end of 2025.

Kunal is a master at building and managing an effective team, owing to his 10+ years of experience in corporate America at Deloitte and his unique experience of immigrating from India in 2001 to build his success from scratch. Powered by eXp Realty, Kunal is able to coach and develop Realtors in any market in the United States.



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